A few months ago, my old trusty computer crashed. I made a few mistakes when I went and bought a replacement computer, and these mistakes cost me time, money, and lost data. First of all after purchasing my new computer, I learned that many changes had occurred since my last purchase. The computer did not come loaded with a complete Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. This lack of knowledge cost me another $300 to get the software I desired.
Oh, I almost forgot, USB ports, did you know there was a change in USB ports? Well, I did not know this. The new computer came with numerous USB 2.0 ports, but no USB 3.0 ports. No problem I thought, I will just purchase an expansion slot with USB 3.0 ports. Wrong again, this would have burned out my motherboard, so I am stuck with the old USB 2.0 ports. Like many individuals I had purchased an on-line back-up storage product for my files. I was so confident that this purchase would allow quick installation of the files lost when my old computer died. Wrong again, the files were there, but not the applications to run them. I had purchased many of my applications by down loading and I did not have a hard disk copy of the applications. To make matters worse, hard disks for many of the applications were no longer available. So I had a bunch of useless files.
My friends please learn from my mistakes. Please make sure you have purchased an on-line mirror image back-up with unlimited back-up space. Also, be sure and purchase a new computer with all the software already loaded on it you will be using.