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Jay was discovered on Friday May 22, 2009 by our Boarder Collie Apollo. Jay had apparently fallen from his nest and was found by Apollo who was gently carrying the screaming baby bird by his little wing while being attacked by the Mommy and Daddy Blue Jays.


My wife rescued Jay from Apollo and brought him inside. We checked him over and there seemed to be no damage done to him but his right eye was still closed. We gave him some water and called several places looking for advice. The advice we got was to put him back in the nest or get him as close as possible in a makeshift nest. Well since I am not a monkey and no longer in the shape for tree climbing we settled for the latter. We got Jay back into the tree in his new homemade nest and waited for his family to do the rest. Mom and Dad came to his cries as he stood on the edge of his nest but they did not come directly to him. Saturday morning Jay was still on the edge of his nest his cries for his parents were a little fainter. Jay made several attempts on Saturday to return to his parents who sat higher up in the tree calling out to him but each ended with him fluttering back down to the ground. Saturday evening came and we took Jay back inside and gave him some more water and set him up with a place to sleep for the night. Sunday came and we contacted a local pet store who donated some baby bird formula, worms and a better feeding tube than what we had been using. Jay not really trusting us is hard to feed, we have to gently open his mouth and feed him but once he gets going it’s not so bad. On Monday we were still concerned about Jay’s right eye so we called our Vet. and made Jay an appointment. $65.50 later we found out Jay has what is called dry eye and we were given an ointment to put on it. It will be a couple of weeks before we know if the eye will be saved or if he will be blind in that eye. Jay’s overall health was found to be good no broken bones, good weight and mite free. Monday evening Jay’s cry is nice and strong but we still have to open his mouth for him to eat. Tuesday late morning my wife called Jay ate a worm on his own and a teaspoon full of formula while perching on her hand and did not want to get off when done. That is Jays’ story thus far. This weekend I will be building a large cage for him to live in we have decided to keep him and with a possible bad eye even the Vet. thought it was a good ideal.