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Dennis Patillo, vice-chairman of the Victoria Economic Development Corporation addressed roughly 150 guests during a Victoria Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Wednesday.

Dennis Patillo, vice-chairman of Victoria Economic Development Corporation

He asked that this community, as it has done in the past, show its support for higher education.

Since 1974, Patillo has been working with Texas legislative issues. Commenting on the 89% approval rate of those calling to support HB 2556, he says "89% comes as close to unanimous support as you will ever see...... If community support is there, then eventually the will of the community wins. It always wins."

Patillo recognized three elements that he believes this community needs, regardless which university system is in place. Those are:

(1.) Representation from Victoria on the Board of Regents. There has been no representation on the UH Board of Regents since the downward expansion.

(2.) A long term planning program that works to better serve students. This would include learning more about student demographics, then applying the information during the processes of hiring teachers and creating classes.

(3.) Open and honest communication where people can share ideas and visions so that all parties understand their benefit and contribution.

With strong numbers being documented by legislative offices, it is important the community continues to voice support for this issue to ensure it is handled with high priority.

We'll be posting a video of the speech by Dennis Patillio soon on the web site,, and on Supporters of Texas A&M Victoria Facebook site.