I just want to share one of my favorite activities. I almost don’t like to even call it a workout because it is so much fun. I burn so many calories while doing 2 of my favorite hobbies; swimming and dancing. I attend my class 2 to 3 times a week and look forward for the days that I go.

Last week, work was extremely busy and one day I text Jasper, my partner, and said, “I can not wait to get off work and go Aqua Zumba”. He replied, “I remember the days when you used to say, I can not wait to get off work to go have a margarita.” I had to chuckle because he was right. Wow, how my priorities have changed.

I have invited several friends and family members to join me and they agree out of support but have no idea what they are about to experience. They, as I, are amazed how much you can sweat while in the pool and having a great time.

If you have not tried Aqua Zumba yet, find a place near you. If you like the water, you will love it!


Live well, Reuben