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I have a story in Monday's paper about the two donors I blogged about Saturday making contributions to the Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity and to the Yorktown Historical Museum. While these donors pledged tens of thousands of dollars to these nonprofit organizations, I'd also like to share a smaller, more personal donation that took place recently, and illustrate that all of us can help even if on a smaller scale. As many of you know I recently got married (June 14). As part of the invitations to our wedding reception, we indicated "no gifts please." As an older, already "established," couple we didn't really need anything in particular and didn't want anyone to feel obligated to buy a gift or worse yet, not attend because they didn't have a gift. So "no gifts" was the decision. Of course a few friends graciously presented us with a few gifts anyway and we are grateful for them. One of the "gifts" in particular is the reason for this blog. As we opened the card, we were surprised to see cash inside. Not a huge amount. A few dollars, but cash nonetheless. How odd, I thought, when I first saw the bills. But the handwritten note on the card explained it well. The gift giver wrote that while the invitation said no gifts, please accept this "love offering" and to donate it to the charity of our choice. How awesome and sweet! So we (my wife September and I) agreed to match his love offering with one of our own and donate it. We are still discussing exactly which charity (we both have several dear to us), but that check will be written and delivered soon. So, the moral of the story is that you don't have to have thousands of dollars to donate, to assist, to help an individual or a charity. Pennies from heaven add up.