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The chatter and milling swirled around me as the open house for the new Mid-Coast Family Services women's crisis center continued Thursday afternoon. I had been in the middle of it, taking photographs and video, doing interviews as I toured the new facility. But when Ginny Stafford, the organization's executive director, told the crowd that the wooden swing on the playground was dedicated to absent development director Jo Janssen, I broke away. Stafford had said that Janssen, who worked long and hard to help the center come to fruition, couldn't be there because she was in the hospital. "So go have a swing for Jo," Stafford said. Knowing what Janssen is battling, I knew what I had to do. The sun was warm on my face as I settled into the swing and pushed off with my feet. "A swing for Jo," I thought, and said a little prayer for her recovery and a little prayer for the new center, the people who run it and the people who need it. A swing for Jo.