With the end of summer close at our heels, I am seeing the trademark face of back-to-schoolers.

Need a refresher as to what I'm talking about?

Day 1 for children: smiling faces, new clothes, nice haircut and the like, while they greet their friends with as much enthusiasm as Christmas morning.

Day 1 for college students: cup of coffee in hand at all times of the morning, possibly wearing the same clothes they went to sleep in, can't remember when the last time they had a haircut, and the greetings to friends is the occasional grunt and or swear word for having to be awake a horrendous 4 hours earlier than they have grown accustomed.

Sometimes, it seems that as we grow up, mornings become harder to accept and enthusiasm for once loved activities has become a fraction of what it used to be.

Bringing me to the point. Who remembers the comical, yet, surprisingly informative movie, Zombieland? Very few people I've met haven't seen this movie, but for those of you that haven't, quick synopsis!

Zombie outbreak occurs after a tainted hamburger claims first victim, zombification spreads, main guy tries to get home to his family after his college gets infected, runs into 3 others all on different quests in life, he realizes these people are a better form of a family than he's ever known.

I know this is a very shoddy synopsis, but the plot isn't important at the moment.

The important thing I wanted to stress is the last rule to his list of do's and do not's of the zombie apocalypse.

Rule 32: Enjoy the little things.

Very often, people my age (twenty something or other) forget such a simple little rule. Where did that excitement and happiness go? I sometimes wonder if college students now days take their education for granted. I know school now isn't as easy as it was back when I was younger, but it's my thought that I pay for my classes. I would want to be as enthusiastic as ever since I now have to pay instead of just showing up.

That being said, I want to offer up a challenge to my college peers. It is no longer is the first day of school for most people, so sorry this is coming late; it's still helpful though. Take a minute longer to get yourself to smile in the morning, (yes you can still have that heavenly cup of coffee if that's what it takes) and most importantly, enjoy the little things.