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Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend, however, was a whirlwind of confusion! After banding my head on a table (figuratively) for hours, I remembered something very important in my schedule.

Some of you may not be aware, but the Dorothy O'Connor Pet Adoption Center, or DOCPAC, is having an event on the 22 of next month. It's a K9-5K "Bark at the Moon" that I have registered for some time. Link to the event is at the bottom of the page.

Among everything I was stressing about, it occurred to me, "It's the weekend of the 25th, and I am expected to perform, somewhat, exceptionally well in less than a month and have only gone running once this whole month."

Needless to say, I am panicking!

This event is a run/walk, so I could just very well walk the whole thing, but I at least want to be able to have a decent time. I have only participated in one 5K before, and it is something I have always wanted to do again. Unfortunately, I have always been working and haven't had the chance until now.

The fun part of this event is that it is a night run. Participants are encouraged to dress up with glow sticks, body paint, and glow tape, whatever they please (as long as there's nothing electrical) for a costume contest.

I haven't heard a lot of talk about this event around town, just a passing comment here and there, but this is a wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy an activity in town.

The registration fee is only $25 before September 8, and it is for a great cause. I volunteer at the shelter and it is a wonderful no-kill facility. On their website,, they have a very easy registration process for those who prefer online registration. They also encourage walk-ins and mail.

I know a lot of people that say they wish they were more active in the community or just wish that they had the motivation to be a little more active, so why not a 5K?

If anyone has free time , please sign up for this event and help support a good cause! Bark at the Moon.