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Has anyone else heard about the National Medication Takeback Day?

I was driving to H.E.B yesterday, and just happened to glance at a billboard near my apartment, and for a brief second read about National Medication Takeback Day. It was a little difficult to find on the City of Victoria website, but after a little searching I found it.


I've lived in the Crossroads area for a while now, and I have never heard of this before! It is a full month away, but being aware of it now should give people a lot of time to sort through their medicine cabinets.

I'm sure everyone knows of that one person that seems to have their own personal pharmacy of old prescriptions that for one reason or other they didn't finish, and they save everything just to try to make you take them later when you have a similar ailment.

My mom is one of those people, except the trying to make me take them later part. She knows good and well that I very rarely take any sort of medication, so she doesn't even offer. Nonetheless, she has an impressive arsenal of medications dating back to the 90s. I happen to find this ridiculous, but she swears that prescriptions never go bad.


Which is why I'm rather excited about this event.

On September 29, 2012, the Sheriff's Office will be collecting unused or unwanted prescription and over the counter medications. Obviously, they will not accept illegal drugs.

This is a wonderful opportunity to safely dispose of any medications that are sitting around the house that won't be used anymore, and for an added bonus, medications will be collected using a drive through line so you will not have to get out of your car or truck. Medications do not have to be labeled and they do not have to be in your name.

This service is also free!

I love how convenient the Sheriff's Office has made this event, and I will definitely be scouring my mother's medicine cabinet to find the many items I can get out of the house.

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