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One of the greatest benefits of being an office administrator for my boss is that I get a 3 day weekend every week. Today being Labor Day adds another much appreciated day off before starting my work week tomorrow.

My boyfriend, Chris, works for a retail establishment, so his schedule is always sporadic. Very rarely will he and I get a weekend off together which leads to me sitting at home watching movies all day by myself.

Definitely not fun!

This weekend was a one-in-a-million chance for us when he found out that he had the exact same days off as me.

Being the over-dramatic type, I was super excited and was thinking of the many things we should do for this weekend, but being broke college students, that didn't leave much of my list for us to do.

Here's a weekend recap:

Friday: Slept in until 1 PM (quite unusual for me) and had a hair appointment at 2 PM. Finally got out of my appointment at 5:30 PM and as soon as my foot was back in the apartment, my friend called to confirm our weekly Pie Night (more on that at some other time).

Saturday: Again woke up very late, and decided that I couldn't stay in the apartment all day, so I treated Chris to a movie, The Possession (very good movie; highly recommend it to horror lovers) as a matinee, then went to Hastings to browse and see friends.

Sunday: By this point I have nothing left to do but to clean and get ready for my work week, but I have to admit, am very restless knowing I have to still find activities for yet another day off. Chris and I decided that we would stay in and keep each other company, which was very nice, and proceeded to spend a good 4 hours creating a custom theme for the PS3 (that task is not as easy as he made it out to seem, luckily he's good with things like that). I called it a night pretty early, and he stayed up to play video games.

Even if I wanted to do a ton of different things that we wouldn't normally do, we wound up doing a lot at home, and a few date night activities, but somehow we had a blast.

Now that I have rambled on for so long, my big point: In this economy, how do young couples create wonderful memories with little money?

Chris and I are very happy with just finding activities that could be done alone, but put a real effort into incorporating the other person. Sometimes, we're able to go out and have a date night on the town. I think we're really lucky to be the type of people that can sit in the park just talking and consider it a wonderful day.

So, college students in the Crossroads area! How do you find fun things to do with your partner on a tight budget?