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I have my big 5K in two weeks. Yikes! As for this weekend though, I wanted to take it easy and have fun, but definitely get out of my apartment.

As I was contemplating it, my friend Troy texted me and asked for help on a report he needs to do for school. He's taking a music class that requires them to attend 3 concerts during the semester and write reports on the concerts they attended.

Granted, I'm not going to write the report, but I was very interested in the concert he was going to attend.

The Victoria Symphony is performing the first part of their Master Series entitled "Dvoraks New World" on September 15, 2012 at 8 PM, ticket prices range from student tickets to adult and senior with a range of seating options.


I'm very excited about this concert simply because it's been nearly a year since I saw anything performed by a symphony, and this is just the relaxing activity I need before the next weekend where I'm hoping my training pays off.

I've seen performances from the Victoria Symphony and they are absolutely amazing. It is definitely a great activity for little money for anyone. Just a personal opinion here, but I also feel it's very important for college students to attend concerts like this.

It gives an educational edge to a performance that is outstanding with music that has history and substance that most music today doesn't offer to students.

For more information on this concert and others performed by the Victoria Symphony follow the link: