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I'm sure by now, everyone has heard of this whole Supreme Court debate about gay marriage. If you haven't, can you please tell me how this is the first time to hear of it? That would make for an interesting story.

Anyway, for those that are out of the loop, I have a very brief summary for you. Ahem.

The Supreme Court is going over testimony to determine if whether or not the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 or DOMA and Proposition 8 in California are unconstitutional. No lie, it is really that simple.

Here's the difficult part: this country has been put in the unique position to have diverse religious beliefs and faiths without persecution. That being said, it is widely known through the Christian faith that homosexuality is wrong. Plain and simple.

Now, if you look at the context of when The Bible makes mention of a man laying with another man an abomination, you don't see what the world was like then compared to now. In the time that The Bible is supposed to have been written, the population was not at all like it is today. People considered one of the greatest feats to accomplish was to help populate the Earth, therefore, if you were a man and you had relations with another man, you were not helping the population which had been deemed an abomination.

In those times, there wasn't children in foster care needing good homes and an overgrowth of human beings. Survival was everything, so to have a text citing that to refrain from populating the Earth as an abomination helped solidify that having children and expanding the human race was what they (people) should be doing.

Today, those rules no longer apply. The end of the human race will not come from two people of the same sex wanting to be together. This is no different from Loving v. Virginia when the government decided that interracial couples were in their constitutional right to marry if they chose.

There is a very interesting, yet scary trend I've noticed in the mind-set of those that are anti-gay supporters, and that is it appears that those who are pro anti-gay no longer see homosexuals as people.

Let me be frank here for a minute. Every single one of my friends and family members knows that I am a very proud bisexual, and now, everyone that is reading this knows. I had loving parents growing up, went to a decent school, made good grades, had a very nice tight knit group of friends; it was the average American childhood. Now that I am an adult, I volunteer to better my community, I have a very nice job, a college degree, and the future looks bright for me, but for some reason, I have been pegged in the same rank as murderers and adulterers just because of my sexual preference. I would like to believe that there isn't anything wrong with me, but according to those who believe homosexuality is an abomination, I have so many things wrong with me.

Now, when I hear that homosexuality is the same as adultery, I have to think to myself: Hmm, ok, so if a person has an affair, it hurts their partner, their family, and it has a very big impact on the whole family unit. If two men get married to each other they ok, no one, but it would destroy the.....wait, no, they could adopt and give an unwanted child a loving home..... To make that comparison is beyond naivety and common sense.

If I find a very nice girl that I absolutely fall head-over-heels in love with, I do not have the right to marry her, and we would be looked down upon if we were to adopt because, God forbid, the child grows up without a father figure (like 43% of our national population does now), but yet if my boyfriend and I decide that we want to get married, we have all the blessings of the state and nation to do what we please in the regards to getting married and having as many children as my poor body can generate.

I like to think that I am a very rational person, someone that uses logic when handling every day tasks, but for some reason I cannot wrap my head around that idea. I am an abomination, not a person. Ok, fine with me. I would rather be an abomination that is just as heinous as a murderer than a closed-minded Negative Nancy (believe me, not the real phrase in my head) that will not even see that gay people are just people that want to marry the person they love if they have the choice.