I just wanted to comment a little bit on this program. This is a great program for any of our local heroes to use. There is no red tape or any extra forms or fees AT ALL associated with this program.

The Loan Officers Zach and Randy Smith of City Mortgage Group are discounting the origination fee by .50% The Realtors, Mark Redding and Caleb Shaw of Redding & Associates are giving there OWN MONEY, .25% of 3% gross commission, to help with the borrowers closing costs. The Title companies, Stewart and Crossroads, have both agreed to discount there Closing/ Escrow Fee by 50%. The inspector, Walton Prosen, is discounting his home inspections and offering a free 1 year termite bond. The appraisers, Fagan Patterson & Laura Stehling, are both discounting there appraisals by 25-50 dollars. The surveyor, Urban Surveying, is discounting there surveys by 10%. And.. on top of all of that, local business' in our community are signing up to be Friends of Heroes. A friend of heroes is a business that has agreed to offer some type of discount on services or goods sold or provided... Now how much more awesome do you need?