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2014 is going to be great guys! It'll be better than ever. We'll all stick to our resolutions (for like.. a week), we'll all sleep more (until the weekend rolls around) and we'll eat better (until someone brings cookies into the newsroom, then it's ON.)

But really, I do think there are a few things we should leave behind as we embark upon a brighter new year full of possibilities.

1.) Being on your phone all night while out with people
Lets re-learn to socialize with each other. It would be nice to go to dinner, lunch, coffee, a party.. anything.. and not have the person you're talking with checking their phone every 30 seconds to see if they got a text or a 'like' on one of their photos on instagram. I'm not saying don't take photos, but hey, take a few and then put it down. Look someone in the eye while you talk to them. If you're out with someone, isn't it because you want to be with that person?

2.) Selfies
Geezis. Leave these behind. Now. Take pictures of the world around you, it's pretty amazing you know. It's unique and beautiful everyday. There are new people, new sights, new experiences. There are so many things to take pictures of, lets stop taking pictures of just ourselves. Especially making stupid kiss faces or the same expression in every shot. Open your eyes! Look beyond the reverse camera option on your iPhone, please, once and a while.

3.) Caring too much about stupidity, gossip and shock value
It's true, people make awful mistakes. Whether it's twerking on national television or tweeting the wrong thing. Let's try to remember everyone is human. No matter how intelligent they are or what mistakes they make, they deserve a little compassion too. Lets not destroy each other just because social media makes every little thing public immediately and we have the opportunity to do so. We could all be a little more understanding and kind. (Like me, I'm going to try not to be so annoyed by selfies. Really. I am.)

4.) Making everything complicated
When did every single thing become so complicated? When did every food you eat at a restaurant have 30 different flavors, dabs, shavings, spices and sauces? When did every coffee drink have 10 pumps, 3 shots and 4 flavors? Let's leave behind everything complicated. Try something simple or different. So they made your drink wrong? Maybe you should try it. Maybe it's amazing. Maybe, trying something new wouldn't be so bad.

5.) Self criticism and doubt
I thought as I got older, I would watch all my loved ones become more confident and sure of what they deserve in life. They'd realize that they are beautiful, smart, funny, accomplished people who deserve great things. They deserve a job they love, someone to share their life with that treats them right and to feel good about themselves. But I watch as they continue to settle for less than they deserve and constantly self shame themselves. If you sit there everyday talking about how you eat badly, don't work out and hate how you look, eventually you're actually going to believe that. If you continue to say that your work sucks and you aren't good at what you do, you're going to believe that too. And if you continue to be with someone who treats you badly, eventually you'll get used to it and think that is all there is. Seriously, let's leave all of that behind. Let's realize that everyone deserves to be happy. Just because we aren't where we need to be in an aspect of our life, it doesn't mean we suck royally.

So in the spirit of 2014, let's be happy, confident, well adjusted, social people who are a little kinder to others (and ourselves) and I'm pretty sure it'll end up being a great year.