I think I've been pretty lucky as a photojournalist and as an editor. I've worked at great papers with wonderful people and as a result, it has always been hard to leave them. But that's the thing, before I was always the one embarking upon new adventures.

Now as an editor at the Advocate, I hire interns for each of our sessions. I get to know them and then after a few months we have to say goodbye. In the process they definitely give me some great stories to tell (but that's another blog entry for another day.)

Of course it is just a part of the ongoing cycle of journalism. People are constantly finding new opportunities to learn and improve.

I recently said goodbye to one of our interns Mason Trinca as he finished his time here and moved on to intern in Colorado. He did some great multimedia work for us while he was here, producing awesome slideshows, shooting football in monsoons and taking every assignment seriously to try and produce the best images he could in the time he had. He is just the latest example of the many great interns we've had since I came here. They have shown me again and again that passionate, talented young people are still entering journalism despite it's challenges and that they are determined to help it thrive. They give me hope for our industry and most of the time, make my job a lot of fun.

This week we will also say goodbye to our beloved Allison Miles. She has been at the Advocate for seven years. She has covered Black Friday, holiday sales, Livestock Shows and some of our most challenging and repetitive annual events. She has always found unique subjects in these events to pursue, trying to engage our readers every year in a way she hasn't before.

Last year at the Livestock Show I remember Allison getting excited about her quote for a lede on one of the many assignments she covers as part of that week. At the time I remember admiring how excited she was to write a story that she writes every year. She was still finding funny or exciting aspects to show our community, she was still passionate to find the new angles in a story she had already covered many times.

I have always thought that the best journalists aren't the ones that can take something dramatic or amazing and write/photograph them well. But the ones that take the everyday stories, the ones we all experience day in and day out, and show how those stories matter. Allison has achieved this in her beat for 7 years at the Advocate. She has also always been a wonderful person to work with. She is extremely kind and generous with her subjects and I've never seen her do anything but smile at everyone in the newsroom, even if she's having a bad day.

Though I am always proud to see my friends and staff move on to learn and grow in other places, it is still hard. Despite this, I remind myself that my past interns and co-workers still text or talk with me on a regular basis. I get photos or notes from quite a few of them at least once a week. You can't really lose touch in this day and age, and that's comforting.

I can only hope with each person that leaves that they are successful, happy and find where they are meant to be. And who knows, maybe we'll end up in the same place again someday. Fingers crossed.