Skimming through the mail is kind of like a routine. I sort out the bills, the previous owners mail, and cheesy fake advertisements from the dealerships (you know the ones that have a check enclosed for some ludacris amount towards a new vehicle). Anyway well, as I was doing this yesterday I came across a letter from the City of Victoria. I knew it was not my water bill because that came in already and this particular envelope was kind of heavier than the one page bill I am use to. So I immediately open it and much to my surprise it is a bill in the amount of 800 and something dollars. Shocked I sat down (yeah, I was standing when I opened it) and read the letter that came with it. Apparently back in 2002 the previous owner of my home had difficulties mowing the lawn and so the city had to do it for them several times. Now, nearly 6 years later, that I am the homeowner apparently I am responsible for paying that amount! What the f###?! Okay so I stand up again and start pacing. What the heck am I gonna do? I need to call these people and rip them a new one is my first thought! If I had 800 and something dollars just laying around I certainly would not use them to pay for someone elses laziness! I have security lights from 2 Christmas' ago that I have not had installed for fear of what the electricians bill might look like and a clogged shower drain that I have Drano'd to death for fear of having to pay a plumber.  I know, I know!  When it is a major or necessary thing I call my most trustworthy handy man!.... My dad! Yeah, but I can't exactly call him on this one. What I need to do is call the City of Victoria. I'm scared to now that I am calm and collected (and don't want to rip them a new one LOL) but I wanted to be educated on this matter and know my rights. Am I really entitled to pay this ludacris amount? Shouldn't the previous home owner have to pay for it? And if I am entitled to pay for it..... what is next? Will I be liable for any unpaid utility bills, too? I bought this home in 04 so I am still fairly new to the whole homeowner thing.





Okay so I called the City of Victoria's Finance Department....... apparently there is and has been a lien on my property which should have been resolved when i purchased the home. Obviously it wasn't because no one was aware of it. There was a title search done on my homes title and there were no liens present back in 04 when we went to Texas Title. But the lady at the finance department told me to call the title company anyway and have them look into it. So I did. Unfortunately, the title company cannot find my file. This all seems very fishy to me. Seems like someone with the city had a bit of a screw up. The mowing and weeding was done in 02. It is 08 now. They need to find whoever owned it in 02 and leave me alone!