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I know gas prices are an issue for many. I am fortunate, I have a 7 year old who will be happy just going to Splashway! But this weekend we will begin our summer weekend fun! i will be traveling to the Rio Grande Valley (where i was born and raised) to visit and to have some good old outdoor fun! They have a place in Mission where I will take my son to rockclimb, ride on go-karts, and all that other fun stuff. There is also a bowling alley with black lights that gives the illusion that the bowling pins are flourescent. Fun, fun, fun! i have been saving up for this trip! Rather than complain about gas prices i have just cut back on other expenses. i haven't been hitting up Chili's like i usually do. LOL! For those of you not wanting to travel so far to have some good old family fun with the kiddos....... try Funtrackers in Flourbluff. And if you haven't taken them to Funtrackers....... shame on you! It is an excellent little kiddy park! LOL!