While there are many other issues I could type about......... I find myself longing to share with you all my experience at my first ever Spurs game!!!! Well, I made a trip to San Antonio last night to watch them kick butt! It was an awesome experience! i kick myself for not ever taking the time to go watch them play before. Sure, this was my first time but it certainly won't be the last! I was at the edge of my seat the entire time! I was cheering my lungs out and beating my cheer sticks like a mad woman! Oh, it was GREAT!!!!!! Now, i have a new dream of becoming a Silver dancer. LOL! I didn't have the greatest seats but i also didn't have the worst. i enjoyed being able to see all the things you miss when you just watch the game on t.v. Manu was amazing on the court! All the fans had one voice! You know we all booed for the Hornets. Went "AWWWW" everytime our boys missed a shot and let out a big old "WOOOOOOOOO" everytime they made it! Good times, good times!


Go Spurs! GO!