Has anyone checked out the new walking trail? After several weeks of driving past it my sister finally persuaded me to stop by yesterday afternoon. It was very worth it. I just recently sold my treadmill (boo hoo). Due to cutbacks my little family and I moved to a smaller place and there is no room for my treadmill. But there is room for my husbands weight set.... Go figure. So anyway, I was really missing my treadmill up until last night. It was a wonderful walk, about 4 miles long, and the weather was perfect for walking and jogging the trail. My dog enjoyed the first 2 miles but then he was huffing and puffing like crazy! Needless to say, he slept so good last night! HAHA! If you have not been to the new Victoria Walking Trail, i totally recommend it! There is even this little bridge that is great for taking pictures. There is no water fountains so bring your own bottle of water. The path is well lit but i would not recommend going out too late.