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Well, you count if you are not in the special ed program. If you do not need special services; if you can attend a classroom full of regular kids and not disrupt; you count if you are autistic and are so medicated that you stare at the wall and drool on yourself. If you need life skills, or if you need social skills therapy eg:(ABA), you are up a creek. If you require an aid or constant supervision because you are very impulsive and don't understand what can and can't hurt'd be up a creek. VISD's solution for autistic students.....issue tickets....for assault....issue tickets for defending yourself during a fight. Put them in a behavior unit..let's not teach coping skills and keep them safe from bullys. Let's throw these kids in with the gang bangers and rotten apples. If your child has special needs in Victoria and you have been forced to home school, transfer out of district, or you are unhappy......let it out!!! I have talked to many parents that are not satisfied and you are not alone. I have talked with parents who are going through this with their child...some have moved out of visd, some have had to watch their special needs child get thrown into the judicial system because it is easier for visd to issue a ticket and have these children put on probation or worse put in the jdc. The counselors and teachers at these schools need to be working with these kids.... you think the crime rate is bad now just wait until these kids reach adulthood without the proper skills and services it's gonna be bad.