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So a 66 yr old woman falls in a hospital radiology room when she blacks out and the tech is no where near. Eventually they come and help her up and offer he care, which she feels fine at that moment and has been there a long time already. So after a couple hours her leg swells and pain becomes many times worse and she calls the hospital in which it happened and they say to come in. FOUR hours later, she has not been seen and really has only been processed. The hospital's response to the fact that she was injurred on their property and has not been seen...."tough". They had other emergencies (colds and the like). Many patients that came after were brought in as she was ignored. This is the quality of a local county hospital in Victoria. No responsibility for a preventable injury from happening in their facility. Instead, forcing her to wait and treating her like a second class citizen. I know hospitals, especially county hospitals can be busy. In fact, we would not have been there if it was not for the injury taking place at this hospital and why should we have to pay for the hospitals negligence. Turns out we will afterall and will send them the bill.