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If I could for a moment dream. Dream where America's game was once again for the fans and not controlled by greed. Where a team, no matter from what market could be competitive. Now, while I will spend some time talking about salaries in baseball, I have several ways I would love to change baseball to speed up the game as well as maybe bring the fans back by getting rid of the dead moments.

1) End mound visits- It is not the most annoying item, but I would end the delaying tactic known as mound visits. It is annoying and boring. No other sport has this endless array of timeouts. Instead I would give each team 3 timeouts for use of the entire game. Of course they can come out to change pitchers, but no mound visits unless calling timeout.

2) No pick off attempts- For one, it will increase opportunities for stolen bases...increasing excitement...and then will speed up a game that gets very boring when a pitcher throws over to first 5 times in between each pitch. If a pitcher wants to throw over....its a ball.

3) Pitch Clock- MLB rules state that the pitcher has a 12 second time period from getting the ball to pitch when no one is on base (I would make this rule universal). Of course if you actually go and do the research you find that even with this rule, it is not being enforced. If you look at the shortest time between pitches you will find no one is currently at that rule Image

If you look at the longest times you will realize that you better bring a pillow when these people pitch: Image

4) Salary cap- The highest opening day payroll in no surprise came in at 202 million by the New York Yankees. The lowest is Kansas City at 36. Now with no current salary cap, a team can spend as much as they want. Now there is a small penalty to spending as much as you want, but of course with success and endless money of the teams like the Red Sox and Yankees, they are more than happy to pay it. So how the luxury tax works is that if a team exceeds a certain threshold (in 2011 it will be 178 million in salary) they are taxed on that excess amount. The amount of the tax is based on how many times in a 5 year period they have exceeded the luxury tax. The first year it is 22.5%, second 30% and 3+ is 40%. Personally I am totally against the luxury tax as it is really a tax on the uber luxury. At the 178 level, only the NY Yankees would be responsible for it. Instead, I would like to see a hard salary cap. This year 12 teams have salary caps above 100 million dollars. While it could shock the system for teams like the Yankees (202 million), Philadelphia (173 million), Boston (163 million), LA Angels (138 million), the other teams above 100 million could easily shed salary. The NFL has a salary cap for a 53 man roster of 120 million dollars. If we use the 120 million level for the 25 man roster, only 7 teams would start out over (The White Sox, Cubs, Mets would have to shave very little to get under). Personally, I would like it set between the 90 and 100 million dollar range to start. This would put 12 to 13 teams needing to cut, but the other provision would solve for that.

5) Minimum spending threshold- Just like the most recent NFL CBA, I think MLB needs to implement a minimum spending threshold. If you don't, you will never truly have competitive balance. Now there are always exceptions (Tampa Bay second lowest team salary at 41 million, Arizona at 7th lowest at 53 million). With a minimum spending threshold, it should add more talent to a variety of rosters. I would recommend to start an 80% of cap min. spending threshold to progress to 90% within 5 years. This would create a more even playing field. Now what about those teams that are "small market". Well, to be blunt, it may be time to 1) find a different owner, 2) figure out how to raise revenue...good team maybe?, or 3) time to move the franchise. I know Las Vegas has long been itching for one. San Antonio was licking their lips several years ago about the prospects of the Marlins moving (turns out SA was just being leveraged for a stadium deal).

These are my thoughts and ramblings....yous?