Second week of the new television season has me looking back at premier week. Of course some season premiers are still coming out (i.e. the highly anticipated Terra Nova tonight). Here are some thoughts from last week. You can read more on my regular blog. While I do not watch every episode that comes out of every show, I do watch a lot of premier episodes. So let us begin.

How I Met Your Mother: B+ Not a bad start to a longstanding good show. I do not follow every episode, but I really do want to know who the mother is, which is a couple years away at least.

Two and a Half Men Part 1: A I will admit to being a doubter. I am not a big AK fan, but must admit....he was really good. Loved the nods to former women of Charlie's past as well as Dharma and Greg.

Hawaii Five-oh: B Somewhat predictable and even a little unbelievable. Still good fun and anything I get to see Kono is always a great day.