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After weeks of harassing Cinemark, Steven Spielberg's epic biopic Lincoln finally made its way to Cinemark 12. When viewing biopics, I often have to remind myself to not get stuck on historically accurate sticking points otherwise I would rarely like biopics because rarely does real life make good cinema. It's a good thing I do remind myself because Lincoln does not disappoint.

Lincoln largely depends on the great Daniel Day-Lewis. When you are on screen for 90% of 2 1/2 hours you better be solid. Daniel Day-Lewis does not disappoint in the title role. He is in complete character control in not only one of the best performances of the year but maybe one of the best performances in recent memory. Tommy Lee Jones is also quite memorable.

With holidays comes award season movies. Some movies making award runs that I know are making its way yo Victoria are Les Miserables, The Hobbit (already here and mainly will be in technical categories), and Django Unchained (a Tarantino movie I am boycotting because of Jamiee Foxx). If traveling through Houston I would highly recommend The Silver Linings Playbook (a movie I expect to gain a lot of momentum come award season). I would also say catch The Master, which should be very interesting come Oscar season. How does Hollywood handle a film about scientology? Also in January get ready for Zero Dark Thirty. It got several golden globe nominations, does this controversial movie live up to the hyper? We shall see. Until then, let the fun award season begin. Check back soon for Golden Globe breakdowns.