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Well, as well intentioned as I was, life tends to keep getting in the way of blogging. Alas,I am here to try yet again. My primary focus will be films then television and the occasional book.

This weekend you would have seen a review of the new major Steven Spielberg biopic Lincoln. It turns out, Cinemark here in Victoria has other plans. It used to be that 1500 screens was enough to get a film to Victoria. I guess no longer. This is what happens when a company gets too short sighted and builds a theater four screens to small for a community. Of course, a new theater or company would be a welcome sight for this town.

So what can we do if a film does not come we would like to see you ask? That's easy. Make your dissatisfaction known. The only way to change is to make your thoughts known. This goes for anything. In this case, call Cinemark. Contact them through the contact us link on

Finally, what is good that is out? I have two one word movies for you. Two of the best films so far this year sitting here. First is the incredible Iran hostage movie Argo. The second is the amazing Flight, which was one week late in arriving to Victoria. Flight is amazingly written, and does a great job in making you care a lot for an otherwise morally corrupt character. Those are my recommendations for those looking for Twilight alternatives. Especially since Lincoln did not show up here.