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Hey there. It's been about a month since I've been working as the new education reporter for the Advocate, so I thought it'd be a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Carolina and I'm a Houston girl with Midwest roots.

My career in journalism started at Culturemap in Houston, an arts and culture online magazine, where I worked as the Listings Editor as well as a multimedia reporter. After going to school in Missouri, coming back home to Texas was great. At Culturemap I learned a ton about events, artists and community-business relationships.

From there I got a job at Minnesota Public Radio where my horizons broaden even further while working at the second-largest public radio station in the country. I worked as an assistant producer on one of the daily two-hour talk shows and even got in on some of the Arab Spring insanity. It was thrilling to be able to work with such an experienced and seasoned crew of journalists at MPR.

After a year in Minnesota, I relocated back to Texas looking for a reporting position.

When I got to the Victoria Advocate in June, I was working as a multimedia intern until the former education reporter, the beloved and very talented Kayla Bell, left for law school in Atlanta. I'll admit it, it was a little strange accepting the option of the internship after working two jobs in journalism - but I wouldn't take back a second.

As a multimedia intern at the paper, I learned so much about photography and video production that I dabbler like me wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise. I'm grateful to the Advocate for giving the chance to get to Victoria early and develop my skills as a videographer.

Then came August. Finally the time had come - I put away my photographer cowboy boots and slipped on my red reporter heels.

I spent most of July training under Kayla to get the hang of the beat by meeting principals, administrators and public information officials around the city.

Thus far, I've covered school board meetings, budgets, tax rates and the first day of school.

This is a new beat for me and it's a giant one.

I welcome any public input and ideas that the community wants to throw my way.

Looking forward to a great semester of education reporting.