Blogs » The Education Beat » House speaker throws cold water on voucher supporters


Speaker of the House Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, 'threw cold water" on the voucher movement at a roundtable discussion sponsored by the Texas Tribune.

The speaker voiced his cynicism to voucher supporters saying “not to go full bore on something that’s an exercise in futility.”

In a newsletter by the American Federation of Teachers Texas chapter, editors wrote, "Straus pointedly recalled a divisive voucher fight on the House floor in 2007, in which a 'pilot' voucher program 'just exploded in front of our very eyes' as many Republicans joined Democrats in killing the bill."

Vouchers have long been a topic of discussion among education leaders in the state.

States with voucher systems include Wisconsin, Ohio, New York and Florida.

Is Texas ready for a program that would give parents more options for the children's education, or is right now just not the right time to do it in light of the 2011 $5.4 billion cut from public education.