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I haven't been writing my blog post like I should have been all winter and fall since I started, but this year I hope to make a swift change.

There are some hot issues on the table this legislative session, vouchers and the cuts to public education are just two of them.

Private school vouchers have been a long-contested proposal within Texas education politics.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the proposed bill by Sen. R-Dallas Dan Patrick, vouchers are sort of like coupons that parents would able to use to pay for private school tuition by using funds from the public school budget set by the state.

At tomorrow's Victoria school board of trustees meeting, a resolution against vouchers and other legislative proposals will be put on the table.

Through conversations with friends of mine who went to St. Joseph's High School and other private schools in the area, vouchers sound like a great idea.

But to public school board administrators and the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, vouchers are no good.

Where do you weigh in on the issue? Want to hear what our local school board leadership has to say?

I'll see you at the meeting Thursday night.