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Illustration by Oscar Diego Astrain


Photo credit: ~w4terboy via Deviant Art

It's not often I see my siblings.

But today they stopped by to see me on their way back home from the family ranch.

We went to Toscana's for lunch. Dad's treat.

While we were catching up, my 9-year-old brother Oscar Diego doodled silently on a paper piece of construction paper he swiped from the newsroom copy machine.

That sneak.

He's the creative one of the bunch.

After his tour of the newsroom, I suppose he thought a news tip on a trend occurring at his in his elementary classroom couldn't hurt.

After all I am the education reporter right?

So he shared the latest trend in doodling from his 2nd grade classroom with me. Or is 3rd? They grow so fast.

Anyways, he drew me what's called a "Christmas Troll."

"Everybody draws them of each other," Oscar Diego said, as we buddied-up to cross the busy parking lot outside my favorite Victoria pizza joint.

So I began to wonder, is this a trend among elementary school kids in Victoria?

If so, send your Christmas Trolls to me here at:

If we get enough, I'm sure we'll be able to figure out something to do with all of them.