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Quadratic. Exponential. Logarithmic. Linear.

These descriptors are all tied to equations Texas students are required to learn as part of their mastery of the TEKS, or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Or at least, they were required to learn them until the State Board of Education decided to let high school students off the hook.

As a reporter I've never had to use Algebra II in "real life."

But during a recent conversation with one of my editors, another issue was brought to light: What about when those students take the SAT or ACT?

Both the ACT and SAT include Algebra II components in their tests.

How then does that student make it into a decent college?

Independent tutoring?

Last week, the SBOE struck an agreement, which was approved on a 14-1 vote, which would only require students who choose the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduation endorsement track to take Algebra II.

Other students electing to take on one of the other three endorsement tracks (Business and Industry; Public Services; Arts and Humanities; Multidisciplinary) will not have to take Algebra II to graduate.

Do you use Algebra II on a daily basis? A weekly basis? Monthly?

If so, why do you think Texas students should keep on taking Algebra II?