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As a Democrat, I wrote a blog last summer about my ideas for the Heath Care Bill. I expressed that the bill, now law, is not the best way to go. On that blog, I expressed on what should be in the bill.

1) No mandates/ No mandatory insurance.

2) Expand Medicare to those of 45 and over.

3) Expand S-chip to every child or Destroy S-chip and create a baby bond saving account of $ 1,000 for each baby born. The child, when adult at 18 (or 23 if in college), would get the money.

4) Ban Pre-existing conditions and caps on insurance.

5) Cut 15-20% out of every governmental budget and use that money as a cushion for those between 18 and 45. Perhaps, create a mini-health care system for those in that age range.

6) No coverage on abortions with exceptions of rape or incest.

7) No coverage on cosmetic surgery, but coverage on

I am a big supporter of the President, but I am against this law. The Law has a mandates and the spending of it is too quick and fast. It doesn’t benefit the economy right now. Second, I detest the back room deals to get it passed.