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It seems the economic forecast for the nation is dire. Consumer confidence is down, unemployment is up, and faith of the system is lukewarm. The Great Recession they called it, but it seems to be the “Great Depression of the American Soul“. For the past fifty or sixty years, we allow ourselves in following a dark and disturbing command. In 1835, the National Debt was paid in full with Andrew Jackson as President. It help expand the nation. Today, the National Debt enslaves us to chains of Chinese and Saudi interest. Before 1971, money was backed by gold, now it is backed foreign good sold in America. Being dumb by shining things, bright lights, and pretty faces, we forget values, common sense, and honestly.

Liberals, Unions and Social Democrats believe in government takeovers, bailouts, card check, tax increases. All of these are not the answer. Peacetime bailouts and takeovers encourage unneeded risks from businesses while discourages unemployment. Unions, especially those in the automotive industry, have done a great disservice to average American consumer by unjustly increasing the cost of the product while decreasing the supply of that product.

Conservatives believe in the “voodoo” supply side economics of Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding and Wm. McKinley with Wall Street, not Main Street, calling the shots. Under the supply side, it (willing or not) encourages greed and excess to a point; where only the few have the control of the economy. It centralize the flow of money, harming local ma & pa stores, farms, and banks.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy had listen to some of his conservative advisors like Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon and cut taxes to grow the economy, while taking liberal advice in intervene in the U.S. Steel strike. We, as a society, allow the extremes to govern the economy with NAFTA, WTO, Unions, and Wall street as being the four horsemen of economic disaster. Conservatives allow NAFTA to destroy American worker , while liberals under union influence destroys American Jobs.

What is need is balance and not extremes, Thomas Fuller is right. “Moderation is the siken string running though the pearl chain of all virtues”.

1) Use “Petro dollars” to curl and to pay down the National Debt. Uncap the oil reserves in Montana and the Dakotas.

2) Open trade with Cuba.

3) De-globalize the economy by ending NAFTA, CAFTA, and remove membership from the WTO.

4) Audit, Amend, or end the Federal Reserve.

5) Amend the Tax code and adopt some tax idea from the Paul C Fisher Tax System.

6) Place tariffs on unfavorable nations.

7) A bailout for every American on debt.

8) For ten years, prohibit Unions and Corporations contributions in Federal election campaigns.

9) For ten years. Prohibit lobbying in Congress.

10) A Constitutional Amendment for a Presidential Line Item Veto, and/or peacetime quadrennial Balance Budget.