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Maybe just maybe I should call the crossroads; wait better yet , some people of the crossroads; “Hypocrites ‘R Us” after a toy store called Toys R’ Us. It is ashamed that some people in this area believe that they live in some dream world and consequences be damned.

First off is the story of Victoria County Commissioner Court and Judge Pozzi considering regulating a video store in a rural area. Concerns about this store generate much interest because some conservative SOCCER MOMS or this case in the words of failed Governor Sarah Palin, HOCKEY MOMS decided to protect their children. I have to ask if their children need protection from a country video store renting porn, then should these soccer moms, their “tough” acting husbands, and the country clubbers tried to force Hastings, Blockbuster, Red box, and every other video store from renting or selling movies with sex?

It is times like this; I wish Republican candidate Matt Ocker would have won the 2010 election against Pozzi. Love him or hate him at least he wouldn’t have been a hypocrite. Speaking about Soccer moms and those in the country club, I also find it amazing that same types of people would bash President Obama at local Tea party rallies over the government’s role in health Care, but yet invited State Rep. Geanie Morrison to speak at the rally. Plus on top of that our now embattled State Rep. had sponsored a bill that forces doctors to preform sonograms on women. I hate to sound like a broken record here but someone has to say it. If it’s wrong for Democrats in Washington to force themselves between doctor and patient then shouldn’t it be wrong for Republicans in Austin to do the same? The big question is whom should the tag of hypocrisy be placed on, the leadership of the community or people themselves? Given the past 15 years or so, I placed firmly on the people themselves. Election after election after election, people write on this paper and others expressing the need for freedom, but yet electing the same folks.

The question of hypocrisy isn’t social or political one, but also a religious one. How can a person with religious faith granted to him by the first amendment to back moves to shut down businesses he doesn’t like, from praying for hurricanes to destroy bars to now cheer-leading local government to shove their nose in a video store. I wonder what if those same government choose to turn on his church and his crazy theocratic ways will he change his tune?

There is another form of hypocrisy. The hypocrisy of context and history presents a clear and wild danger. I hate it when Neo-confederates and fools talked to me like I am stupid and uneducated. I educated myself and read books rather than watching movies because I flat out refuse anyone from trying to lie to me. Even when facts, statements are presented they still try to denied it by saying I do not have the facts. I find it hypocritical for a person to talk down to me as if I am stupid and uneducated in saying “Calling this flag a symbol of racism is one's cowardice to confront the real history behind it”, but yet refuse to read statements by those leaders. Leaders like Vice President Alexander Stevens who stated in his CORNER STONE speech, “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and moral condition.”

I wonder where is GETSMART, ITISI, and others react to that statement? They have nothing to argue against but tell me I have chip on my shoulder etc. I also find it interesting that a former hippie who protested against “the man” would call me a cottonfield hick and J-boy, I guess I was right about him all this time. Speaking about Walter Williams, Poor ole Walter, a man who is very unpopular in his own community, I would like to remind the person who tried to talk to me like I am stupid (GETSMART). You can keep Walter Williams to yourself. Just because someone said something on an OP-ED page or on Youtube doesn’t mean it is true. You are entitled to your opinions, but you are NOT entitled to change to facts. You GetSmart have holes in your ridiculous attempt to brain wash me into your thinking.

Walter Williams is lying pure and simple. The South leadership move their capital from Montgomery Alabama to Richmond,VA which is 100 miles from Washington, DC. Davis and his team have intentions of invading Washington and making it the capital of the CSA. So much for Walter's view of history. I can back that up with writings by Generals and troops at that time. Here is another lie by Walter Williams that the Morel tariffs causes the war. That is a stupid lie in itself. The Morrill tariff was signed by President Buchanan on March 1861. Why was it passed and signed into law because southern states had already seceded and there was no longer a stable tax base. Why ? Maybe, because the Southern states seceded from the union? Why because Lincoln and the Anti-Slavery Republican Party won the White House from pro-Slavery Democrats. Two blogs ago GetSmart , you want to sing “Why can’t we be friends” but yet now you attempt to talk to me like I am stupid. You have added yourself to list of fools who have tried that act.

I will not change my mind because you have some YouTube movies. I will not change my mind because history says it loud and clear. I will not change my mind because you are hypocritical. Save your chip off the shoulder and Walter Williams videos to some dumb punk in the streets. You can save that My way or the Hi-way mentality to yourself.