Blogs » In the know » Really…really….really? : The False War on Christmas.


Bill O ’Reilly’s War on Christmas Drama is all, but for money in his wallet and ratings. It is amazing that people would gain “information” from a person who report trashy tabloid news. The main purpose, it seems to enrage the American Christian Fascist and their Theocratic allies for 2012. With 2012 election coming up, Mr. O’Reilly sends out his thug Jesse Watters to attack Governor Lincoln Chafee (independent) of Rhode Island.

But yet ‘O Reilly and his thug refuse to take Rick Perry to task over his “Happy Holidays” photos from Texas Governor Rick Perry. . It seems that our Governor was so desperate for attention and votes that he made a bigoted/code word laced political ad entitled, “Strong”.

Speaking about Texas Republicans, Dr. Ron Paul made an attack ad against Rick Perry.

Dr. Paul must have forgotten Ronald Reagan was a Democrat too!!!!!

With all due respect, what does that make Ron Paul?

Back to the so-called Christmas War…….It is about time someone who has acknowledges REAL history about Christmas.

Mr. Williams