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There use to be a saying “people with glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” If you desire liberty, then why not start here locally? By the way who controls local and state politics? They are conservatives. Where were you when Texas CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS like DAN PATRICK & GEANIE MORRISON, who are now forcing women to have Ultrasounds? Let me add Newly reelected Glenn Heagr and the water issues in Lavaca County?

You do not own the Declaration of Independence, it belongs to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. You do not own the United States Constitution, it belongs to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. You do not own patriotism, it belongs to those who love this nation and those who seek to change it peacefully. Just because you are conservative, that doesn’t mean you have all the sense in the world. Just because you are of the right doesn’t mean you love the nation more than other man.

By the way, Mr. Easton. To be patriotic, one must also be truthful about one’s nation. You can NOT say that the Department of Homeland Security was targeting Conservative groups, when there were two reports. One on LEFT WING groups and the other on the Right. On top of that the reports was written before the election of the Barack Obama. There is a blog in which you ignore that truth. There also a blog you wrote when you accuse the Administration of hiding or taking away ammo, when the truth is way different. I am very, very interested in your reply. I hope that you answer and do not relay on those conservatives posters to back you up.