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On a hill shines a temple beautiful and mystic. It is the representation of the turth and of the information to inform the people. What dwell inside this temple is the opposite. Dark, avon, and lustful. This dweller is the guardian of the 4th estate bound, pulled, and enslaved by the greed of the invaders, the Money Changers. The money changers in the temple bought lust, shame, ignorance, and greed in the Temple. It mask the truth by ignoring the simple cries. It ruthless removes opposition when the stronger ones question its faith. Instead of seeking information, the money changers force the guardian to seek the ignorant. Instead of seeking justice, money changers bribed the guardian to look the other way. Instead of seeing the corruption, the guardian is blinded with shiny gold and sliver. Yes, yes we in the Crossroads Area are being sold on the altar to the false prophets for 40 pieces of silver to justify greed and lust of power. It is time for the average folk to awaken himself to take back what is right and what belongs to him. It is time for real investigations on why things are being run. It make no sense to create new education facility/system, when Joe and Paula can’t read or drop out. It makes no sense for a school district to repeatly move students in and out of different schools. It is time for us to join to together.

I do not care whether you are liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, young or old, Black or White, we should rival the crossroads education commission and other organizations that benefit only the few. It is with hope, faith, and charity we shall remove the money chargers and establish honest and true governance.

Victoria Advocate, when are you will unbounded yourself ? When will you free yourself from the special interest? When will you speak the truth? How come it is fine to exploit and expose a personal life of certain candidate for public, but yet refuse to disclose and investigated campaign contributions of the most powerful politician in the area. Go ahead delete what you are reading or ban me for that matter. You will only straighten my resolve. However do not do it because of the rules or to protect someone’s feelings because you do not have that moral authority.