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It should be the goal of the media to educate the reader and to lend information to the population to make informed decisions. I hope that the biggest media in Crossroads, Victoria Advocate to lead and educate the citizens. Instead of leading, educating, and informing the many in local media prefer to sensationalism with HLN style news. At the same time, allow local hardliners with their ignorance, their prejudice, display their deep seated hatred or indifference without a serious challenge. The case over Trayvon Martin and the comments that came from it displays the lack of education.

Disclaimer: the videos below may contain course and adult language.


Whoever are the parents of this young lady should be honored for telling the truth about society. The problem what many on here don’t realize is that “those people” don’t want your money, your resources, it is that there’s a deep and fundamental problem in the power structure in this society. That fundamental problem must be challenged and destroyed. But the problem is two fronted, while there is an inner tension within the community, that doesn’t the eye should be off the outside influences. In the words of Lawrence Fishborne How many local gangs, pimps, drug dealers own airplanes, boats, mini-submarines, and high powered guns to bring drugs and lawlessness in inner cities and ghettos? Why hadn’t anyone go into depth of the FBI and CIA pumping certain drugs into some sections of American life? Presidential candidate Ron Paul could tell you that.

As far as the ignorance being display on here. It amazes me that grown men and women display lack of knowledge. It seems that majority of posts speaks for the Crossroads area as a whole and that is scary. One poster, Butwiser, made a comment that made blood shoot from my eyes.

“Why do blacks trash their neighborhoods, smash their businesses, overturn cars, set fires, break in to stores and steal everything anytime a national case does not turn out the way they wanted? They call it black rage and that makes it OK. (Not all black people do this) Why don't other races behave like this? Why didn't white people trash and burn when OJ got away with murder? “

I hope Butwiser is reading this blog.

Everyone riots, Butwiser, it doesn’t matter what race or why. Every group riots, I hope you learn how to think before you speak/type something offensive. Beyond the rearview mirror here is hope. Since many posters complain and lie that black leaders don’t talk about inner city problems well here it is.

Class Dismissed!!!!