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The year 2012 will be very, very nasty. I predicted that this site will be deep in mess with lies, and half truths. What I find it amazing that someone would say to me, don’t take it so personal. Please.... politics is personal when policies and actions affect you. I also take it personal that someone would dig up left over clips and bits from Sean Hannity and Michael Berry, especially when those bits and clips have already been debunked. I mean can you find a better way to criticize the President? GetSmart, I am talking to you.

1) “I do wish them well, the sooner they get out of office, the better chance the country has for peace and prosperity”

My answer: Wishing someone well doesn’t consist of accusing that person and his family of saying something evil. Plus the other candidates with the expectation of Ron Paul have military plans for Iran. So much for your peace and prosperity argument, isn’t it? Don’t try to feed me “ish” and calling it sugar.

2) “As for the cloud you're in, picking on Morrison, is no different than me being upset with Mrs' Obama. At least Morrison, though misguided, isn't disrespectful to her constituents, and doesn't appear to have a chip on her shoulder. And Morrison isn't telling us what to eat, or when to eat it.”

My answer: Morrison is an elected official and has the power to affect her district and state. Mrs. Obama is someone who isn’t elected to any position. By the way……Morrison is telling and forcing doctors to perform sonograms. I don’t hear you on that one. How about the water issue in Lavaca County in 2007 and 2008, which would force private land owner to give up water? Well let’s hear it.

3) “Your inability to overcome simple facts as stated attests to your tunnel-vision when it comes to the president”.

My answer: Gee, it seems that you don’t read or refuse to do research on your own. Maybe just maybe you should read a few blogs from me. Unlike you, I don’t cut and paste. From , I stated, “I am a big supporter of the President, but I am against this law. The Law has a mandates and the spending of it is too quick and fast. It doesn’t benefit the economy right now. Second, I detest the back room deals to get it passed”. (March 26, 2010). There you what??? You said NOTHING SPEACIAL !!!!!

4) “Writeoff, are you proud of your country, because certain facts are facts whether you like it or not.”

My answer: Nice try at name calling!!!! Your comment is similar of asking someone he doesn’t know personally “do he beat his wife”? Even asking me that warrant for me to TELL YOU OFF !!!! Speaking about the not being proud for this country, you should look up the word “Context”.

1: the parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning 2 : the interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs : ENVIRONMENT, SETTING

Here is a video or two that debunks your foolishness attack on the First Lady.

Notice the context of the speech. It was about being proud of young people, MY AGE RANGE voting, and people coming together; and being a part of the election process that year.

5) “What do you mean by this, are you not seeking office because we're a bunch of bigoted rednecks, I don't understand. Sounds like a quote from the first lady.”

My answer: You can’t understand a simple sentence? Maybe it is some lame attempt to take my words out of context? Didn't I already list down the reasons like the make up of the local electorate, I mean they are very conservative among with The good ole boys network and the family/privacy issues. Guess what? You can take my words anyway you want. Many people on here know what I am talking about and the sad thing is it is true.

6) “Sorry for the history lesson but didn't the president send more troops back into Afghanistan after the Russians went bankrupt trying to deal with that country, been a lot of deaths to date”

My answer: Didn’t the enemy that knocked down the towers was hiding in and supported by the Ruling “elite” in Afghanistan? Wasn’t that war started in 2001 and not 2009? Are you telling me that 9-11 was a lie and made up too?

Speaking about the attacks on Obama daughter. I would like to plug the pie hole of the person who said it !!!!!!!!!

Instead of you giving me lecture about my boot straps, you should be worrying about yours.