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The stupidity of man has reached new heights with people like Geraldo Rivera and Newt “Chucky” Gingrich. With the expectation of personal hatred and dislike of Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich is another. He just adds another item for my hatred of this man. Newt yesterday appeared on the Sean Hannity Radio show saying that the remarks by the President were appalling and disgraceful. If the comments by the president were wrong and distrustful, then why the parents of the late Trayvon Martin was grateful of the remarks? Newt Gingrich should sit down, shut the H*LL UP and look up the words “appalling” and “disgraceful”. What really is disgraceful is leaving your wife for another woman while on the hospital bed. That is disgraceful, Chucky Newt. Yes folks I am name calling because this is personal, not POLITICAL!!!! What is really appalling is sleeping around and committing adultery, while trying to impeach another man for doing the same.

Newt also suggested the President’s remarks divided the country. Someone better tell Newt, the country been divided long before that so-called Marxist black man won in 2008. Newt’s own rein as Speaker or even the 2000 election has done more than Barack Obama. Newt’s racist comments to Juan Williams, the Kenyan comment, and the Blacks on welfare comments should be bought front and center. This is why I refer him to be the Republican Party nominee.

On to another no- good person. Geraldo Rivera made a statement that Hoodies cause the violent death of Trayvon Martin. Hoodies? Hoodies causing a death of someone? This is like some left-wing anti-gun folks blaming guns for crime. Didn’t someone remind Mr. Rivera that hoodie was worn because it was RAINING!!!!! Someone surly needs a cure for foot-in-mouth disease. Instead of worrying about those evil hoodies killing Black and Hispanic youth, Rivera should be worry about the deaths cause by him giving out US troops positions in Iraq. Maybe someone should being up how many die in the 101st Airborne Division to remind Mr. Rivera of his stupidity.

Geraldo Rivera and most cable news hosts displays the need for Media Reform. People who appear on the news should be reporters only. These reporters and journalism as a profession should be and must be licensed similar to doctors, lawyers, electricians and other professionals. News professional job is to report the news and not to make a difference or more news.

If there is no justice, then will be no peace. The racial burning victim in the Kanas City deserves justice as well as Trayvon Martin and those who suffer unprovoked attacks by punks and thugs like Zimmerman.