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If any of you watched this video and isn’t outraged then you have no heart or soul. It is a crime that this story was taken up by the National Media after six months of the killing. I waited two or three weeks until someone on this paper or any other paper put this story on the FRONT PAGE or in the paper at all. Victoria Advocate (yes you), Chris Cobler, its editors and reporters should be ashamed of themselves for not even touching this story. If the Victoria Advocate should stop focusing being the “Entertainment Tonight” of the crossroads and do real journalism, people would know of the REAL INJUSTICES that goes on this society.

A man served his duty in the United States Marine Corps to “protect and defend the Constitution” when he isn’t protected by the same Constitution. That man’s 3th, 8th, 4th, 14th, and 15th Amendment rights have been VOILATED. It is not only Media who should be ashamed as well. Attorney General Eric Holder and his Justice Department and the President himself both should be focusing on issues like this instead of playing politics with Lady Gaga and Hollywood Donors. This also goes to conservative “constitutional” bloggers, national and local; who I think won’t touch this because it doesn’t fit their political, cultural, or social narrative.

Someone said “Injustice somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. deserves justice and the respect from his countrymen. Justice in this country is needed and Morality must be respected by “any means necessary.” I want to see what excuse they will make this time. I wonder what cards will be brought up this time.