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Well here are a few facts for miss informed citizens in Victoria. a starting FF/EMT for the City of Victoria is $35,308 a year approx Hourly rate of $12.18 compared to other cities that are much smaller and yet pay much more for instance Kerrville starts thier FF/EMT's @ $39, 248 and pays their insurance 100% for FF's and Police officers. Now other cities like Missouri City and Sugar Land Pay about the same as Kerrville but do not require their FF's to Become Paramedics. A FF in Victoria has 2 yrs to obtain his Paramedic certification if not will lose his job. Yes there is a Cert pay of $250 dollars a month for having there Paramedic Certification but Kerrville's paramedic Cert pay is $350 a month . Now if you think, that means the city is already saving money by having a combination Dept. because OT regulations for FF is different than other jobs OT does not start @ 40 Hrs. Most Paramedics make an average of $40,000 to$ 50,000 a year just being a Paramedic . A FF/Paramedic not only has to keep up with his CE for TCFP but must also maintain his Paramedic CE and obtain classes like ACLS, PALS, PHTLS and P and CPR. Most RN's have these classes and make twice as much as a paramedic but in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT. Now to promote in the Fire Dept there are other TCFP Certifications that a FF must obtain before even able to apply for a promotion, like Driver Operator, Fire Instructor 1, Fire Officer 1, Fire Officer 2 and many other College courses at their own expense and countless hours of clinical' s at your local ER with no pay to obtain their paramedic. The Problem in the City of Victoria is that the citizens are so uneducated about what there local FF'S and Police officers really have to do and how much education it takes to be one not including the time spent away from there family's. If you read this please educate others about your local Fire Dept. and don't be afraid to ask questions about what they really do. There are 5 local Fire stations serving Victoria and the citizens are always welcome to go in and take a tour and become familiarized with the great service they receive from the FD and PD . My whole point is do our FF's and Police officers deserve a raise.... YES. Now do i believe it would be given all at once.... NO its not feasible there must be some way the council and city can agree to bring the pay up to the standards they are holding the city manager, in a manner of not hurting the citizens of victoria because of the economy.