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I've had to deal with so many of my friends passing away. Why is this happening? I never thought that I would say in the past three years, I knew five people who have died. These five people are individuals who have impacted my life in some shape or form.

Again, why is this happening? Why am I losing friends who have lived for a short amount of time? Why can't they have stayed with their families for a little bit longer? Why, why, why?

My friends are dying young before they get the opportunity to live...I mean really live. They ranged from the ages of 20 to 32. This is too young for them to meet their Maker. I know the old cliches: "God needed his Angels" and "They will always be looking out for us from above." Well, I'm sad. I want them back. I want them back for their respective families. I want them back for my own peace of mind knowing they are living. My blog is dedicated to my friends:

James Forman - You taught me that, even though I was a girl, I can hang with the big boys by unloading trucks and working in the storeroom. You taught me how to build bikes, which helped me in realizing I don't need a man to do manual labor. Thank you for teaching me how to be independent.

Robbie Davis - We have known each other for years due to our mothers working together. You never changed, Beetle, and that's something I will always appreciate. Thank you for never changing.

LaSara Jasso Cook - Sara, Sara, Sara...what to say? Me and you barely knew each other, but it's because of you that I regained my strength to move forward. You were straight-forward with me about what I was blinded to, and kept encouraging me to let things go. I have and couldn't be any happier. My life changed for the better because of you. Thank you for helping me live again.

Joseph Hadley - I wanted to include you because you are my coworker/friend's son. I wanted to include you because you showed me, without even speaking, the dedication to your family. Your mom hardly ever came in the store on her day off without you in tow. I know you loved her with all your heart. Thank you for showing me the strength in family ties.

Frankie "J.R." Bob Roberts - I always wondered how you were doing after 13 years. I'm so glad that I was able to catch up with you through Facebook after all this time. For the two years of knowing you in high school, you had this infectious personality that drew people toward you. The beautiful smile. The wonderful laugh. Hey, it made me have a crush on you for a bit. :) I want to thank you, Frankie Bob...Thank you for just being my friend.

James, Robbie, LaSara, Joseph and J.R. ~ I will always miss you. I will always love you.