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Is this ongoing banter from David Hagan remotely acceptable?

This ill-humored incumbent makes a mockery of this years local campaigning event and is quite a ridiculous imitation of something seen on a silver screen. Certainly he realizes he is casting a cloud of embarrassment over everyone who entertained the idea of voting for him. Doesn't he?

Has David become so blinded by greed and position that he disregards the very foundation of his platform? He has cast off all restraint by going into debt with loans to fund his current campaign (and has not shown recovery from a past campaign debt) along with damaging any possibility of a cohesive relationship with other city officials, council, or otherwise.

Hagan's out-of-control behavior is clear and present! When does someone...anyone...step in and request Hagan to take a time-out from his ranting and raving? When a man has to resort to name-calling, perhaps it is time to know when to say 'when'.

Hagan - the 'drunken sailor' theme you are playing with was not funny the first time you used, it is not funny today, nor will it be funny tomorrow. Seek professional help.