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Tito continues to amaze and inspire the people he touches. Doctors remain motivated to help even when it seems they don't know why, commented Mike Yokum on Facebook's Tito "Rocky" Ramirez Support Group page:

Today is a big day for Tito Ramirez. Doctors will attempt to take him off of the ECMO machine, which has been keeping him alive for more than a month even though they said he could only stay on it for seven to 10 days. A ventilator would be a much better and safer source because the ECMO machine is putting him at risk for many other complications. Doctors intended for him to be on the ventilator, which would allow him to heal more, after the surgery.
The fact that he has been on the ECMO machine for so long is one of our miracles so far. This will not be the first time they have attempted this, but in the name of Jesus we pray that it will be successful. On a personal note, I want to say that I have witnessed these nurses and doctors driven by something that I cannot explain. When all others would have lost hope or given up on Tito, they continue day after day fighting for him (even though you can tell they themselves do not know why). Tito has undergone five surgeries and several procedures since he has been here. Please take a minute today to say a prayer for Tito. We have all of our faith and trust in The Lord. Thank you!

Mick Moore, Tito's mother's fiance, emailed me with news that Tito was not doing well: "He's had many complications, the most critical issue at this time is that his lungs start working again. He's on life support currently. If you can ask your readers for prayers, now would be the time. Thank you for all you've done to tell his story."

Gwen Larriu-Aragon posted a link to a perpetual rosary:

The address to send Tito get-well cards: Attn: Anthony Tito Mireles 2N-cvicu 725 Welch Rd Palo Alto, CA 94304

Read about Tito's battle:

Get well, Tito. Many people are praying for you!