Blogs » Watts Happening? » Port O’Connor teenager hopes to help children



Adriana Carriles, 13, and her mother Tonya Carriles, of Port O’Connor, enjoyed lunch at McDonald’s on Thursday.

As a ranging reporter, I was in Port Lavaca for a couple of interviews, so I stopped by the busy restaurant chain to see who was having a McMeal.

The teenager was on her way back to Travis Middle School after a doctor’s appointment.

Her favorite subject is math, which should help with her career ambition to become a pediatrician.

“I want to help sick babies,” she said. “I love babies.”

Adriana earns $50 per week babysitting on weekends and some weeknights.

She recently had her hair cut with her money, and has devoted her earnings to manicures and other pleasures in the past.

Adriana spends her Friday evenings at Skate Night in the Port O’Connor school gymnasium or Youth Night at Fisherman’s Chapel.

Her Wednesday evenings are spent reading from the Bible and having discussions with her Baptist youth group.

“I’ve learned that you should always love God,” she said. “He’ll guide you along the way.”