Blogs » It's all about sports, baby » Were the Broncos right to buck Cutler?


Denver found itself in a difficult position when emerging star quarterback Jay Cutler starting pouting after the Broncos' new 32-year-old coach Josh McDaniel wanted to see what his trade value was a few weeks ago.

Now, Cutler's going to Chicago and we're left wondering if the Broncos could have avoided this fiasco. In some ways it reminds me of what Green Bay dealt with a year ago when Brett Favre was straddling the fence for the third or fourth off-consecutive season. In both cases, management found itself in a nearly impossible spot.

Green Bay clearly made the right decision going with the younger Aaron Rodgers while the Packers beloved Brett faded into the mist of another losing season for the Jets, a team that now has quarterback issues of its own. Green Bay, on the other hand, appears set at the difficult-to-fill position for another decade or so.

The Broncos, though, faced a much bigger dilemma. Cutler was their young star of the future, a quarterback who could maybe fill the imposing shoes of John Elway. Last season, Cutler passed for more than 4,000 yards and the Broncos were clearly loading up for the upcoming season by signing a number of impressive free agents.

Now, they have a new and untested head coach and a former Bears quarterback (enough said there). Let's hope they can salvage this situation with the two first-round picks and third-round pick they received from the Bears.

Otherwise, the Broncos could spend a long time living this one down.