We are in the midst of "tough economic times". Do we pay now, while we have the appropriate money to cover necessary improvements, or do we pass the burden on to future generations and future city government, and leave them with the problem of funding? These are the concerns of the City of Victoria that have been sidelined long enough.


According to Mr. Hagan, he says "spending tax dollars during these tough economic times is irresponsible". Has Mr. Hagan always been against spending on much needed projects even before these "tough economic times"? Perhaps these tough economic times have become a convenient crutch to Mr. Hagan's position for re-election? Mr. Hagan's questionable character may continue to impede any answers to those issues. Nevertheless, as a community, Victoria must rally together, take a sense of ownership, and claim a higher quality of environment for the present and the future.

With a higher quality of environment in mind, and free from obscurity, Mr. Martinez has announced a clear position in reference to spending on infrastructure and what he see as necessity spending. Unlike that of a "...drunken sailor...", as quoted by Mr. Hagan. (Petty antics? Another example of character issues for Mr. Hagan)

More importantly, and as we all know, Victoria, Texas has been virtually unaffected by the economic downturn, and for the most part, our city government has escaped relatively unharmed. Thus, the need to address the current projects is now - before the cost of these projects doubles, triples, or even quadruples in price. This is not the thought process of Mr. Hagan, as he entertains the idea to save, save, save and wait for prosperous times. Obviously, Mr. Hagan has not considered the future of Victoria as Mr. Martinez has.

Mr. Martinez anticipates maintenance spending to preserve an acceptable level of responsible government, as he does not support temporary patchwork projects.

As a community, we should have expected Mr. Hagan to provide viable solutions and real alternatives rather than a position of "No". Mr. Hagan is not specific, nor semi-clear on how to plan and fund these projects in the future. At what cost does he anticipate the expense of these projects in the big scheme of things? The lack of foresight tops the list of Mr. Hagan's character weaknesses and you - "the taxpayer" - need be concerned.

It is hard to be convinced that a plan to wait and do nothing will continue to responsibly grow Victoria. Mr. Martinez has a plan in mind, and because we have been told "No" for three years, I am not willing to wait another 3 years. Victoria is ready for Mr. Martinez to implement the responsible government it deserves.