My mother loved to play the piano. In spite of few lessons, she was really quite good. Through all my growing years, the sound of her playing filled our home. We all knew the music she loved -- it was in her nature to teach as she played.

She guided us to listen for musical patterns, to associate specific sounds with the composers who created them, to absorb the beauty of the music and to find magic in the gorgeous sounds she loved. Ultimately, with no specific intent on her part, my sisters and I all fell in love with the music she loved.

One of my mother’s very favorite pieces was on the radio this morning. Instantly, my mind was swept back to our childhood living room, to the sound of Mother's playing and to the music that was her favorite.

As a child, it was simply fun to listen to her play. As an adult, I realize that those shared times produced both a powerful memory and a lifetime love of music.