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In May, Melvin and I drove to Beeville to host a “Thank You Retirement Lunch.” This celebration was for an associate who had worked for Lacks for 43 years! It was a special moment and a special lunch.

Somewhere in the middle of lunch, it struck me that there were an amazing number of years of service at the table. Sure, there were a couple of new associates, but most at the table had been with Lacks for more than 20 years (and most of them had been with Lacks for more than 30 years!)!

As always, I felt deep gratitude for our family of associates who bring their talents to Lacks every single day and who make Lacks strong.

Lunch in Beeville was definitely a celebration in every way. It was a gorgeous and clear day outside, the air conditioning was working inside!, the food was delicious and the table was alive with stories and friendship.

But way beyond that, this lunch provided an unexpected moment to remark on and appreciate the dedicated long-term service of our talented associates who sit at the base of our daily accomplishments.