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We’ve all faced a time when we needed to either fill a room or change a room. Whether it was a new home or apartment or simply a need to refresh and renew, some space needed help!

For a confident shopper – that person who instinctively knows exactly what do with furniture and space -- shopping for furniture is an exciting and fun adventure. For the rest of us, facing those decisions is a major challenge.

If the idea of shopping for furniture feels like an unwelcome chore, take a deep breath. Remember, designing space to make it your own should (and certainly can!) be fun. Ultimately, once you make a great choice, your reward is a fresh new look that makes you proud and happy.

Here's a great way to start. Think about what you want. Then look for pictures that represent what you love. It’s a lot easier to show what you want than to try to describe what is in your mind.

Finally, simply run to Lacks, of course! Bring us your dreams or your problems (the decorating type!). It is our absolute goal to “take better care of you” and to help you find exactly what you want.

Whether you need a place to snuggle up, stretch out, gather your family, get a good night's sleep, wash a ton of clothing, watch weekend football or just add new beauty to your home, we'll make it fun and we've got you covered!